Induction Cooktop Buying Guide – How To Pick The BEST!

One of the best things about technology is that it has touched every part of our lifestyle and cooking seems to be one of them. From men's earliest beginning, cooking has been an integral part and science has played a major role in making it easier and time-saving.

Cooktops are one such culinary device which has given us freedom in the kitchen by providing us faster, simpler and safer service. Although cooktops come in different forms and sizes, there are mainly three types of cooktops which are manufactured these days.

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induction cooker buying guide

The three types of Cooktops are Induction Cooktops, Gas Cooktops, and Electric Cooktops. Among them, the most popular Cooktop is the Induction Cooktop which is recently gaining attention because it is much safer and convenient to use.

Moreover, Induction cooktop is popular among housewives, students, chefs, and people rely upon it because of its fast heating technology. Here in this detailed article, we are going to learn the Induction cooktop buying guide and much more, so are you ready?

Yes, if you have thought that gas and electricity are the only ways of cooking then it’s time to give this idea a change because induction cooking is taking culinary art to a different level and why should you hesitate from making use of this latest system which has taken the market by storm.


Ever imagined how Induction cooking works? So, first of all, we are going to learn how does an Induction Cooktop work as well why you should buy an Induction cooktop.

How does an Induction Cooktop Work and Why Use One?

As mentioned earlier the mechanism behind the working of an Induction cooktop is different than other cooktops available in the market. It works entirely through electromagnetic induction which is generated by the magnetic coils placed under the surface of the cooktop.

The best part about Induction Cooktop is that it provides much faster heating compared to other cooktops. Since heat is directly generated without a burner or any other heating device, the distribution of heat is not only fast but also even throughout the surface of the Cooktop.

cooktop buying guide

In Gas Cooktops, the amount of heat transferred to the pan or cookware is nearly 40%, and it is about 70% in Electric Cooktops. But almost 80-90% of heat is transferred to the pan with the help of an Induction Cooktop.

This makes Induction Cooktop a very efficient mode of cooking. Moreover, the temperature can be obtained in a wide range, and since it heats up faster, it takes less time to boil water than any of the Cooktops available.

And the best part is that you don't have to worry about getting your hand burned because the device will cool down immediately as you remove a cookware from its vicinity.

Thus, in simple words, Induction Cooktops are a major breakthrough in cooking devices as it provides much faster, efficient and safer cooking experience. You can read here for detailed information on how Induction cooktops work.

Who actually needs an Induction Cooktop?

Life can be miserable sometimes, and you might enter into a complicated situation of running out of gas in some important time of a week. Or maybe you are on the move, living in a tiny apartment with a busy schedule, or maybe you are a college student, and you and your friends are living in a rented home doing your own things all by yourself.

Induction cooktops will serve the best in such situations and let me tell you once again this is a very well known cooktop among students and people who are frequently throwing out parties at home or for those who love to go out on picnics when the season is right.

So if you fall among any one of these categories, then you should not stop yourself from having one for your personal use as this will really come handy at the most unusual time.

Also, safety is a priority while working in the kitchen and Induction Cooktops are known not only for being fast but also for 100% safe usability. You no more need to be scared of getting burns from stoves, or any cooktops and burner that takes the time to cool down after cooking. Induction cooktops cool down faster than you can imagine.

You Must Know: Types of Induction Cooktops Available To Buy!

Care and Maintenance of Induction Cooktops

This Induction Cooktop buying guide is incomplete if I don't tell you how to care and maintain your Induction Cooktop... So, let's have look on that too....

If you have already brought your favorite Cooktop after doing a thorough research online and have been cooking with it, the chances are that you are not taking proper care of your cooking machine. Remember although these things appear sturdy they need the right care and maintenance to make it last longer.

You cannot just use any kind of cookware for cooking, and it should be made of materials that are magnetic so as to establish a connection between the internal magnetic coils for heating up the surface of the cooktop.

Stainless steel and cast iron cookwares are the best candidates for induction cooktops and other non-magnetic cooktops will not allow the cooktop to function or start with the cooking.

Cooktops come with exhaust vents at the back, and you must allow a certain limit of freedom when it is placed in the corner of the kitchen. By this, I don’t mean that you should bring the cooktop in the open but at least allow around 4-6 inches of gap.

While cleaning make sure the Cooktop has been unplugged and properly cooled down. I mean, I know that they cool down very fast just as they heat up immediately, but they at least take a few minutes to properly cool down so as to clean the surface normally.

You need a very smooth sponge while cleaning the surface and if there are any debris and spills left then you must make use of a very little amount of soap especially a mild one to rub off the spills. This is to ensure you do not damage the surface as this might result in complications.

It’s best not to use anything more than soap and to avoid complete submersion fo the cooktop into water. And it is advisable that you don’t use the cooktop until and unless it is completely dry.

And for preventing any kind of damage to the cord the outlet and the plug should be kept far away from the cookware.

Installing an Induction Cooktop

Once you have purchased an induction cooktop, you need proper space to start with the installation. These cooktops run on electricity no doubt, not that it cooks by electric heating, but the primary power source is electricity, so the first thing you need to do is to have the proper electrical supply in the room.

You should better consult an electrician to finish your room or kitchen with the proper wiring and supply of current so as to safely use the cooktop there.

Thus will ensure safety and also if you leave proper space for the ventilation from before you would not find any hindrance while using your newly purchased induction cooktop.

Are there any drawbacks Of using Induction cooking?

I don’t see any issue in using the Induction cooktop as an efficient culinary machine. If you can spend some cash upon an expensive cooktop and use it carefully with proper maintenance, then this will prove to be a very useful tool in your kitchen.

Moreover, if you have a busy schedule you can rely upon an Induction Cooktop and here comes the specialty of this Cooktops because it is all about speed and fast cooking without compromising the food quality. No doubt it is expensive but as the saying goes you have to pay the price for something good.

Just make sure that you have the right cook wares for using this type of cooktop. And if you think that you are not in a position to fully alter your kitchen appliances just because of a single Cooktop then some Cooktop brands also comes with the induction interface disk.

One very sad drawback about induction cooking is that it might take time for you to learn how to properly become an expert with the system if you are comfortable with electric or gas cooktops.

But once you establish that relation that you developed with the older type of the cooktops you will become a master the thing for much more, and this will, in turn, become very productive.

"But in simple words, the induction cooking technology is a remarkable invention which helps to save the time and energy that we spend in the kitchen..."


With all the information gathered here in one place, I am sure you have got a fair idea about what actually an induction cooktop can do to make our lives easier. This is the best thing you can have in your kitchen at least as an extra burner among your gas cooktop or your favorite electric cooktop.

You have the freedom to cook in any style you wish to, let it be boiling, deep frying, slow cooking, simmering, barbecue and much more. Yes, many multipurpose induction cooktops actually allow you to explore a huge number of cooking style, and this makes induction cooktop a flexible and powerful cooktop among all the other types.

So, this is all about your Induction cooktop buying guide, feel free to choose from the varied number of cooktops available in Amazon so as to experience the fast cooking technology which this cooktop can provide.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to push your Cooking skills to the next level and want to buy a best, suitable, budget friendly Induction Cooktop, then I strongly recommend you to buy from AMAZON as they are simply the Best, Reliable and cost friendly for Induction Cooktops!

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