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Top 8 Best Bathroom Heater Reviews 2017 – Buying Guide & Comparison!

Are you in search for the Best Bathroom Heater?

We really feel very much worried and tensed when we hear the word Bathroom and want to take our shower and that too in the cold Winter season.

bathroom heater reviews

It really becomes very tough and a matter of panic to take a shower as soon as we wake up from a tight sleep, especially after having a pleasant night lying under the blanket.

And we want the cozy warm atmosphere in our bathroom too. Isn't it?

At that moment we start looking for the Top Heater for bathroom which creates a warm atmosphere, and we feel really comfortable while taking a bath.

So, while we plan to buy one, the Bathroom Heater Reviews plays a vital role in your Purchase, because you can not just buy anything without knowing its features and whether any heater is suitable for you or not.

Because people like me give priority to the longevity and efficiency. I am sure you are same in this matter, isn't it?

So, here I have come with this detailed article where I have listed best choices for both Bathroom ceiling heater, wall mounted or portable bathroom heaters, so you can grab the best one. I will also discuss why these bathroom heaters are best for you. So, let's check out:

Best Bathroom Heater Reviews: Handpicked Models!

#8. King W1215, White

If you are searching for the best bathroom wall heater, you should have a look at the King W1215 1500 Watt 120 Volt Bathroom Wall Heater.

It is one of the cheap Heaters for Bathroom with all the best specifications available in the market right now. This Heater is a very popular choice among the buyers.

And it is a kind of Appliance that is regularly bought for households because it is a budget friendly product too.

King W1215 1500 Watt - Bathroom Wall Heater

Most of the times we get worried about the overheating, but for this product, you no need to worry about this issue. Yes, Overheating can also be dangerous for any electrical appliances as it has the tendency to cause a fire. To prevent this very issue the King W1215 uses Smart limit protection.

It ensures that elements and motors are disconnected if the normal temperature levels are surpassed while the heater is in operation.

To prevent this very issue the King W1215 uses Smart limit protection. It ensures that elements and motors are disconnected if the normal temperature levels are surpassed while the heater is in operation.

King W1215 Best Wall Heater

While installing this heater, you may be able to change the wattage of the heater. Because it has a Dual Open-Coil Element. We should keep in our mind that as it is a difficult setting so we should get it done before mounted in the wall.

The C-Frame motor that comes into this heater is designed by permanently lubricated. This helps us to stop the maximum and frequent maintenance. The fan is able to run on its own to cool the bathroom, and it is offering 85 CFM airflow.

It helps to keep the moisture out from your bathroom. For the safety parts and measurements, it is recommended to install the heater at least 3 feet away from any nearby furniture.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • Powerful little heater at a great price- Mostly we think about the economical part before getting any devices so while buying this Heater you don’t have to think twice.
  • Great Brand- The Brand is known by its working performance and its feature, so the features like Dual Open – Coil Element makes it a great brand.
  • A solid Reliable Heater- The heater is much more strong and reliable which is also a plus point of this bathroom heater.
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#7. Broan 174 Heater

Broan 174 model is one my favorite efficient bathroom wall heater that you can choose. This heater is not only suitable for your bathroom, but also it is also perfect for a small area where you need little more heat, including Hallways.

This wall heater has white grills that point downwards. This directs the heat from the heater down towards the floor.

Broan 174 Wall Heater for bathroom

The finishes of the heater are made from baked enamel which provides a complete durability. It is for sure that this heater will last really long. It comes with a thermostat that is mounted to the front of their heater. It is the easiest way of control the heat of your surrounding.

You can enjoy a fast warm up time temperature thanks to the alloy heating element. It can provide complete heat in just a few seconds. It provides a low profile heating units too.

Broan 174 Bathroom Wall Heater

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the heater as it comes with a permanently lubricated motor.

The nickel alloy heating element is best designed to offer complete durability, and it has an integral thermal overload protector so that you can enjoy reliable and trouble free performance.

The most aware part will be the wall heater can provide you with plenty of heat in the bathrooms.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • Good Economical Heater The financial and budget part is often important as no one will buy a product with high expense as this product will be the best Heater for every buyer.
  • Great heater when connected to Timer Switch The features like the Timer Switch performs great when it gets connected to it as because Timer gives the device to gets heated by its own.
  • They have made the winter nights much more comfortable- After working for the long hours in the office during the winter time a shower is essential so if we install a Heater in our bathroom than no need to worry to take a shower.
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#6. Holmes Digital HFH436WGL-UM

Well, if you are thinking for the best portable bathroom heater it is the HOLMES HFH436WGL-UM model.

If anyone is worried to use heaters in the bathroom, then you may use this HOLMES bathroom heater as it’s featuring ALCI Plug.

HOLMES DIGITAL Bathroom heater

The added features are the unit offers a mass option of installation. Options are either you can hang it or mount bathroom heater it on the wall or just place it on the floor.

HOLMES DIGITAL heater for bathroom

The Thermostat is digital, and it allows setting the desired temperature. Especially the digital clock and the timer make it possible to set the unit to run only when it requires.

The timer is also used for preheating the bathroom so that when we will have that zone, we will feel warm and comfortable too.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • Keeps a small bathroom toasty- After all, everyone wants their bathroom to be warmer and maximum hot so after the installation of this Holmes digital bathroom heater HFH436WGL – UM it will keep the sweet and small bathroom toasty.
  • Great heater works well in a 36 square feet bathroom If your bathroom is exactly 36 sqr/ft or less than this the heater works great.
  • Impressive highly efficient heat from a small unit You can consider and can call it a Pocket Size Power House. And don’t go by its size indeed try to go by its Efficiency.
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#5. Panasonic FV-11VH2

If you are in need to add heat and warm in your bathroom during cold winter mornings, don’t think further because this bathroom ceiling heater from Panasonic is simply dedicated make you feel comfortable during winter.

This is an efficient bathroom ceiling mounted heater that can heat up just in one minute to bring you fast and convenient warm and heat when are in need of it.

Panasonic FV 11VH2 Ceiling Mounted Fan

Its heating element is powerful and durable. It works at 1400Watts and can produce enough heat for your bathroom.

This model has 3 Level bathroom heater safety precautions that are integrated into the systems, and it also features thermal fuse protection.

You don’t have to worry about the Electricity bills before installing it as it designed to use less energy than most others bathroom fans.

Panasonic WhisperWarm Ceiling Bathroom Heater Fan

You have to install this heater no higher the 8 feet from the floor to ensure that you get the best possible performance from it.

The most important part in this heater is its added CFL lighting. By this feature, you don’t need to have installed separate CFL Bulbs or some other Bulbs as the light provides efficient light than any other normal CFL lights.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • This is the best bathroom fan ever used The fan inside the heater is the best as until and unless you feel the warm of the heater you will cannot trace it even.
  • Quieter than anything on the market Everyone buys this product without any hesitation in a pin drop silence way so that they can purchase heater till it stocks last.
  • Best combination Fan- The complete package as because of its added feature CFL lights Pre-Installed in the heater. So you can feel the warm of the heater and the lighting of the CFL simultaneously.
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#4: Nikko Heater Fan

Nikko bathroom heater fan is another perfect heater for your bathroom that allows you to easily and quickly place it anywhere of your bathroom space or rooms as it has the capacity to provide exclusive heat.

You can manually operate and increase the heating temperature whenever you require as this product is a 1500-watt ceramic heater that has the capacity of providing excessive heat.


This heater has the option where you can change the heating temperature in case the heating temperature reaches the high level of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will find three different heat settings with Nikkon Bathroom heater fan where you can choose from like the low heat settings, the medium and high settings of heat that will keep your room warm and cozy during winter or anytime you feel cold.


The design of Nikko bathroom heater fan is simple, and it is built in Ceramic heating element and high power which can circulate quick heat.

If your room is small, then you can turn on the medium heat settings and place it to the safety place.

This particular portable bathroom heater and it gives you heat quickly of 256F degree. When the heat level will reach 300F, it will automatically turn off by itself.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • Portable, useful, budget friendly: Although the heater seems to be small in size and lightweight, it has the full capacity to provide and circulate heat into the room. And the price of the heater is also low. Great product to buy.
  • Powerful and compact: One of the best small heater you can ever own. Very powerful and does the job. It has the capacity to heat your room up within 15 minutes. You might face noise for 10 minutes but it will automatically stop after that, and you can enjoy a warm, comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom.
  • Dust filter feature: It has a dust filter feature which comes inbuilt. You don't have to spend extra money separately to buy any dust filter which may cost you high.
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#3: Broan 655 Bathroom exhaust fan with heater

Broan 655 bathroom exhaust fan with heater is best for your bathroom as designed by Broan with a compilation of white polymeric that includes both fan and heater which works perfectly all together.

This heater is very effective although its size is a bit small and lightweight, portable heater for the bathroom as well as it is incorporated with an exhaust fan that makes it perfect for your bathroom space.

Broan 655 Heater

Broan 655 bathroom exhaust fan with heater contains the extractor fan that could make a bit noisy as compare to that of other 4 zones. But, this extractor is useful as it can extract air at the rate of 70CFM which makes it perfect for the bathrooms of medium sized.

If you choose to buy this bathroom exhaust fan with heater, you have to make sure that you install a canal carefully so that it can remove the moisture to the outer surface.

The interesting thing about this heater is that you can install it enclosed to your shower area or in the corner of the bathroom as it does not require much light because it comes with its own light.

Broan bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan with Light

However, you can use light along with the heater or fan or on its own according to your preference.

This heater is designed so uniquely with a white polymeric finishing that makes it a perfect match and suitable for most of the accessible home furnishings. It is also well equipped, and its finishing décor is excellent that will not deteriorate or rust.

This heater supports 1300-watt for faster heat capacity, and the light capacity is 100-watt.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • Useful, smooth operation: Broan 655 bathroom exhaust fan with heater is great and helpful that could circulate comfortable heat surround the bathroom. Many customers say that the exhaust fan attached to this heater works smoothly although it makes a bit noise.
  • Perfect Heater, fan & light combo: What do you want more when you are buying a heater and getting a fan and light on the heater with stylish design and look. Can use in the bathroom as well in the living room also. The best thing is you don't have to spend much for the extra features.
  • Easy to install and operate: This Broan product is easy to install and operate. Great for the chilly mornings for sitting around and have breakfast.You can expect this quality product to last long till 18 years easily with minimum to zero maintenance. Many users are using Broan product since 20-25 years so you can expect such longevity.

#2: Lasko 754200

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater is very effective as it gives out a premium of heat as well as circulates the heat quickly with its powerful fan packed. This Ceramic heater is packed with heat for a small unit and also comes with the adjustable thermostat at an affordable price.

This type of heater is best suitable for 11 by 13-foot space room, and within a short period, the heat will circulate around the entire room making it warmth and cozy.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater for bathroom

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater is easy to use, and it is a lightweight and portable anywhere of your room according to your convenient place. This heater supports upto 1500-watt high settings and for low settings supports upto 900-watt.

Lasko Ceramic Heater is a manual control, and it is a self-regulating Ceramic element. You can carry this heater wherever you go.

Though Lasko Ceramic Heater does not come with the remote control or display offer, this model is perfect for a smaller unit and also ideal for those wanting to buy a heater this winter within your tight budget.

Lasko 754200 bathroom Heater

This heater has an overheat sensor that will automatically cut-off operation in case the heating temperature exceeds its level of safety. There is a fan within this Lasko Ceramic Heater that makes a bit noise, but this may not be a big problematic indeed.

This is a good product small in size, yet it is very much effective. The product is available at an affordable price. It is recommendable for the smaller rooms though, but it can quickly circulate the heat. You can best buy this Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat from Amazon.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • Instant heat up, affordable and portable: Lasko Ceramic Heater is a great heater that instantly heats up the room, and it works perfectly looking at its price and size.
  • Ideal for small rooms: This heater is perfect not only for the bathroom but for small rooms also. So, doesn't matter where you are, you will be feeling warmer forever.
  • Great product with high longevity, low noise: One buyer is using since three years, and the product is running smoothly like a new model. You will hardly hear any noise from this heater while using it.
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#1. Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

The All new Stiebel Eltron CK 15E offers the best stylish and functional design. Its elegant curved shape body gives it an appealing and attractive look.

This heater is known for its downdraft design which helps to maintain a comfortable, warm floor. Moreover, it can be called mounted on the wall as well so you can just put this along with the existing heaters in your room.

Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Specially designed to fit in small bedrooms, bathrooms, and other smaller spaces this heater is the right choice for you if you want something powerful and compact machine to heat up your room providing 1500 watts of heat.

This is made of steel and will no doubt endure through many cold seasons.

The bent blows towards the ground and warms up the floor providing distribution across the bathroom area. It comes with built-in Thermostat and Nichrome heating element.

Stiebel Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

It is surprisingly quiet and thus makes it the right heater which you can install in your TV room or bedroom.

Another unique thing about the Stiebel Eltron is the Fan-Forced design which pushes the heat all around your room. So, whether it is your bathroom, bedroom or small offices, Stiebel Eltron is the only heater you need.

User Experiences & Customer Reviews:

  • The finest wall mounted electric heater- You have seen many walls mounted Electric Heaters but when it comes to Stiebel Eltron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Heater it is the finest and the best no need to search more, your search for the reviews will come to a halt.
  • The look attracts everyone- The attracted curvy and trendy look grabs our attention silently.
  • Deserves Five Star- This heater yields great performance for the need for a heater in a large bathroom! You will like it a lot.
best bathroom heaters review

To choose the top heater for bathroom among the variety of models, it becomes easy for the peoples to buy the products by the seeing the Best Bathroom Heater Reviews by browsing the Internet. It’s a step towards the perfect buy, and you will feel profitable in all sense, and any kind of poking will not arise in your mind.

Best Bathroom Heater Buying Guide:

It is really chilling in the winter morning, isn’t it? Most probably you will be so annoying to get yourself wet with the cold water inside your bathroom.

Bathroom heater buying guide

So what exactly you need is get warm water inside your bathroom for washing yourself clean.

Now you don’t have to rely on the water to heat on your gas stove or with emulsion rod, as that consumes so much of energy.

However going with the bathroom heater installed inside your bathroom will be wiser, else you will be able to save the energy as well enjoy your morning bath with warm water.

I have come up with best buying guide, so that will help you to buy the best bathroom heater for home or business. Check out below..

Types of bathroom heater:

If you do go out in the market for researching best bathroom heater, you will indeed get various types of bathroom heater; all you will need to do is choose the best among them.

If you do want to go for the luxurious water heater, then you can, but you will first need to know about its best features. I have come up with the best solution that will certainly help you out of your dilemma.

  • Wall Heaters: Wall heater is simply the heater that you can attach on your bathroom wall. You can choose any one of the best bathroom heaters, as per your safety. In fact, these types of water heater will be best for those who are having small bathroom inside their residence.
  • Portable Bathroom Heaters: These types of heaters will indeed help you to port anywhere you are, however, this water heater will be more affordable if you are on the rent accommodation because you don’t need to install it for permanent. You will just need to plug it into a socket, but you may find this types of heater making little noisy. The best thing of this heater is that you can carry it from one place to other and store it during summer.
  • Bathroom Ceiling Heaters: This type of heaters is one of the best Bathroom wall heaters if you are getting it done for permanent on your bathroom wall. You don’t have to worry about the space inside your bathroom because you will be installing this heater on your ceiling, as it will show quite effective for the small bathroom eventually.
  • Heater/Exhaust Fan: You must have noticed that when you get warm inside the bathroom, it used to get so smoky, resulting in an increase in humid and causing damage on your walls. So to prevent the steam of causing the wall damage you can install the exhaust fan along with the bathroom heater.

Bathroom heating cost:

There are varieties of Bathroom Heater available in the market with different pricing. You need to have the bathroom heating ideas before you opt for any model. So, if you are looking out for something cheaper and useful heater within your budget, it is important to choose the right bathroom heater depending on the range of your bathroom.

If you want to go for low-priced and efficient heaters for your bathroom then choosing something portable or electric wall heater will be perfect as it is entirely affordable. These types of heaters are best for the smaller bathrooms perhaps but not suitable for, the larger bathrooms indeed.

Ceiling Mounted Fans and Infrared heaters are a bit costlier, but they are much effective as it gives you perfect warmth surround your bathroom. For bathroom heater safety use, I would recommend Bathroom ceiling heater.

bathroom heating cost

Because the bathroom ceilings heaters come with an exhaustible fan and entirely available with all the price range meeting your tight budget. Also meet up to your satisfaction and needs with one of these heaters.

Well, if you are looking out for the most expensive bathroom heaters then radiant floor heating will be perfect as it will keep your bathroom warmth and dry. But let me tell you, this type of heating not only is expensive though it looks luxurious and gives a classy appearance it can cost you high when it comes to maintenance and installation too.

However, looking at its high price, though, yet it has the power of providing you heat on the entire floor and also the rising heat will keep your bathroom floor dehydrated. Select any one of the bathroom heaters according to your bathroom dimensions and price range available, and you can enjoy the complete toasty temperate feet.

Location of the bathroom heater:

Well, after choosing the right bathroom heater for your bathroom, you need to make sure whether the heater you prefer is suitable for your bathroom or not because every bathroom has different dimensions and not every heater are suitable.

Therefore, you need to assess your bathroom before you make any further decision of buying one. And you also need to make sure about the installation of your bathroom heater.

#1: Portable Heaters

If your bathroom is not suitable for the permanent installation, then you can go for the portable heaters as it will not bother you much about where you should place it. But you need to ensure that it is placed in the safety area of your bathroom so that it cannot be streaked easily even though this type of portable heater comes with a lower level of waterproofing, unlike other permanently installed bathroom heaters.

#2: Ceiling Heaters

Bathroom ceiling heaters are the perfect choice for those having a smaller bathroom dimensions because this does not trouble you much about the installation. This type of heaters is suitable for a wall mounting, but you will need to run an electric cable to the ceiling heater.

#3: Wall Heaters

If you are on a tight budget and looking for an affordable heater for your bathroom, then Wall heaters will be the absolutely perfect choice that cost you fewer charges both purchase and installation purpose. But choosing the best Wall Heaters alone is the solution for your tight budget because you need to have a wall space to mount bathrrom heater and it should not be hindered to your bathroom door or furniture.

Bathroom Wall heater is certainly suitable for the smaller bathrooms, but it may not be satisfactory for the large bathrooms.

#4: Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor heating is quite expensive to afford for those who have a tight budget. But this type of heater gives a luxurious and classy finish keeping your bathroom warmth and clean without having to show off which means Radiant heater can be placed invisibly.

#5: Heater/Extractor Fan Combo

If you choose an Extractor fan heater for your bathroom, you need first to assess your bathroom ventilation and ceiling carefully. And you should be careful before purchasing one heater like this because you need a pipe to transmit the humidity out of your home.

Tips on where & how to install a Bathroom Heater:

To install a bathroom heater in your bathroom, all you need to do is first assess the bathroom ventilation, wall space, and ceiling. However, your bathroom needs to be suitable for the type of bathroom heater you opt for.

That is why it is significant to make a decision carefully before buying any heater of your choice depending on your budget as well as must think carefully where and how to install a bathroom heater.

  • Sometimes the flow of the warm heat gets blocked, and it can be very dangerous to use or even harmful to get the benefit of heat. In this case, you need to make sure that your bathroom heater is installed or placed in a safety area so that you can get the benefit of heat without the blockage of air circulation to the heater.
  • You can keep the objects away from the heater or away from the dead spaces like behind the door.
  • You should ensure that your thermostat is placed or installed separately for your heater because thermostat should be placed completely away from the heater so that it does not get a good reading of your room temperature.
  • In case you want to install a bathroom heater that has an Extractor fan then you have to be sure that you have a proper ventilation of your bathroom. This type of heater can be placed or installed in the ceiling or on mounted on the walls.
  • But to install or place the Extractor fan heater, you will need an electric cable to run. To do so, you will need to contact your home electrician to fix the necessary circuit in place to function.

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Safety Tips for Bathroom Heater:

When you used a space heater inside your Bathroom make sure that you strictly followed some important and safety rules.

There are many tips provided especially for the bathroom heater users which should be followed strictly. Check it out all the tips given below:

  • When you buy a heater especially for the bathroom, makes sure that you always choose a heater that contains a thermostat. There is a huge advantage purchasing thermostat heater for the use of bathroom because it will keep your room at a constant temperature. Also, it will make you sure that the heat of the temperature will never cross the limit up to which you have chosen it.
  • In order to prevent the heater from being getting knocked off easily, you should make sure to place your heater on the stable and flat surface. You must remember never to let it stand on piles of clothing or so also in on the place such as on your bed since this thing can really turn out to be dangerous.
  • Checking out the overheat protection is the other safety, and important ways that should be strictly followed because overheating can normally catch fire easily, but most importantly it may also lead to premature failures with some of the parts in the heater. Therefore you should make sure to concern about the use of heater since Overheating protection may also cut off the durability and may not last up-to-the warranty that normally it supposed to.
  • When using a heater always keep in mind that generally heater gets heated very quickly within a short period. So normally heaters should be used in a big space of open area room so that the heat gets deployed all around the room surface. To get the best clearance try to leave a clearance of maximum around 3 feet along with the peoples who are nearby around. Even if you are 3 feet away from the heater, also you will still be toasty and warm as usual.
  • Do not panic when you buy a heater first time and always keep in mind that the heater is already approved by an independent testing of the laboratory. This way you will able to cool your mind and keep in peace that the appliances have already checked the safety of heater thoroughly.
  • Do not rush while you are leaving for going out anywhere, this way you will be safe from facing any dangers in life. Also always Stay prepared to make a quick exit in-cast of any incident occurred.
  • Also, try to avoid the used of extension lead while you are using a space heater. Making whilst of the cord is very safety when it comes with the used of your electric heater.
  • Do not let your children and pets come closer especially when your electric heater is on. And always remember to switch off the switch and unplug the heater.

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Best Way to Mount Bathroom Heater:

Bathroom heater is of different kinds and varies from one another in its products, price, quality, size and many more things. So, you can select the best according to your needs and utility prospect in daily life. Many of the bathroom heaters can be fixed on the roof of your bathroom, and some on are to be fixed on the wall.

You can choose the best design that suits your bathroom size as there are different models of heater available in the market now.

The wall heater is preferred by most of the people because it is easy to fix and install. Moreover, setting the heater on your bathroom wall will be much easier and safer because it will not protrude and there is less chance of bulging out.

How To Install bathroom heater

Whereas, in fixing the heater on the top of your ceiling will take much labor such as cutting your building wall. There are chances that the heater might bulge out any time which seems to be much risky.

This electric heater is absolutely easy in functioning and maintaining the bathroom temperature instantly. Bathroom heater keeps your bathroom warm, and you don’t feel much cold in winter season as well.

It also filters out all the germs and infections of the bathroom and instantly supplies warm air all over. So, this is absolutely easy to operate and utilize for your daily purposes.

One thing that you have to be really careful of is that while using the any kind of bathroom ceiling heaters or portable bathroom heater for home, you must turn off all kind of heater present in the room. As the bathroom consumes much electric heat so you can safe your electric bill by maintaining in this way.

The perfect buy is the choice of everyone. The best Bathroom Heater Reviews shown above is the best as compared to the others. The trendy inbuilt features in these heaters can compete with the other brands too.

So, I hope now you got all the information regarding which are the best heater for bathroom or wherever you want to use.

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